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Changes to tournament


For the health and safety (and courtesy) of others, the followings rules have been instated:

  • Rich's blunts can no longer be shared - he must blow 2nd hand smoke into your face, through a dryer sheet to filter.
  • Kevin and Ilija cannot share a bed for the first time in 15 years.
  • Steve will be sprayed with Lysol after each tinder visit
  • Ali and Ronnie will be allowed to share a cart because their breaths are in different atmospheres
  • Blake cannot put his bare hands into the dip
  • Chris must fly in 2 weeks early to self isolate
  • Lefty's lost balls will be treated as toxic
  • Jeff is allowed to fluff, because we can't be here all day.
  • No skirts this year


TK has spoken


With all your analysis and theories starting to sound like Dechambeau, hopefully you don't play as slow as him too.  Initials should be BD not TK


The reporters of The Smada Open Magazine have just posted breaking news......they have banned Fluff Jr from the tournament for posting stupid shit on the website.....stay tuned for more......


Like Dechambeau, I added a bunch of weight in the offseason.  It just wasn't muscle...


Disregard the last post from the Smada Open Magazine, they are fake news.